Transform Your Outdoor Space with a Custom Weber Outdoor Kitchen

Weber Outdoor Kitchen: The Ultimate Outdoor Cooking Experience

Craft your ideal outdoor living space with a personalised Weber Outdoor Kitchen from The Outdoor Cook. Engineered in Australia and built from the finest quality materials, we assist in designing an exceptional outdoor culinary space that complements your distinct area and style preferences. No matter if you’re a veteran grill connoisseur or a casual weekend barbecuer, a Weber Kitchen will enhance your outdoor cooking journey to unparalleled levels!

We'll Help You Design Your Dream Kitchen with our Design App

At The Outdoor Cook, our kitchen experts stand ready to assist you in crafting your dream outdoor culinary space, offering options to accommodate every area and design concept. With our cutting-edge kitchen designer tool, we’ll collaborate with you to select an optimal mix of modules, hues, and appliances, creating an eye-catching and practical area. With a plethora of colours and alternatives on offer, such as natural granite worktops and waterfall edges, your bespoke kitchen will truly echo your individual style.

Designing starts here!

Constructing your new Weber Outdoor Kitchen is straightforward. To begin, choose your barbecue.

Then select your ideal modules, from cupboards, drawers, alfresco bar fridge, sinks and wok burners

Midnight Black

Pebble Grey

Rose White

Building your new Weber Outdoor Kitchen is simple. First, select your barbecue

Sentry Grey

Split Cedar

Mortar White

Manganese Black

Weber Family Q Built-In: A Perfect Addition to Your Outdoor BBQ Kitchen

The Weber Family Q Built-In barbecue serves as an ideal focal point for your outdoor BBQ kitchen. Renowned for its adaptability and efficiency, the Weber Family Q provides a spectrum of culinary opportunities, including grilling, roasting, and baking. With a Weber Family Q Built-In, you gain the advantage of a superior barbecue that effortlessly blends with your kitchen layout.

Summit E-660 Six Burner and E-460 Four Burner Models

Discover the pinnacle of outdoor culinary luxury with the elegant and high-quality Weber built-in Summit E-660 Six Burner and E-460 Four Burner models. These superior built-in BBQs deliver unparalleled performance and exceptional features, marking them as the ideal centerpiece. With substantial cooking space, potent burners, and numerous additional features, the Summit E-660 and E-460 models elevate your outdoor cooking and entertainment experience. By opting for a Weber Summit built-in BBQ from The Outdoor Cook, you're investing in top-tier quality, ensuring your outdoor kitchen remains a standout attraction for the years ahead.

Choose from a Wide Range of Benchtop Colours, Cabinetry and Drawers

Personalise your Weber kitchen with our impressive range of countertop shades and cabinetry finishes. Choices encompass Midnight Black, Rose White, Pebble Grey, Manganese Black, Split Cedar, Mortar White, and Sentry Grey. Combine your preferred options to craft a unique and welcoming outdoor living space. Weber outdoor kitchens are fabricated using top-grade materials and finishes, delivering the renowned Weber quality married with the aesthetic you adore.

Expand Your Custom Outdoor Kitchen Design with Wok Burners, cupboards and Additional Modules

Round off your bespoke Weber Kitchen with our variety of available modules tailored to your space, like wok burners, drawers, and cupboards. These additions offer added storage and flexibility, enabling you to construct a truly personalised area that aligns with your cooking preferences and spatial needs. Single modules maintain a standard size, ensuring they’re effortless to integrate into your design.

Enjoy the Weber Difference with Our Renowned Warranty and Customer Service

Choosing a Weber Kitchen from The Outdoor Cook means you're backed by Weber's respected warranty and customer service. Our kitchens are delivered and assembled by Weber, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience. Plus, our friendly team members are always ready to answer any questions or provide assistance.


Is it worth it to build an outdoor kitchen?

Certainly! Constructing an outdoor cooking area not only enriches your outdoor living but also carves out a designated space for entertaining and culinary creations. With a custom design from The Outdoor Cook, you can create a functional and chic area that caters to your exact needs and preferences. An outdoor kitchen is a fantastic investment in your home and lifestyle, enabling you to savour alfresco dining and make the most of your outdoor space.

Should an outdoor kitchen be under a roof?

While it’s not a strict requirement, situating your outdoor kitchen under a roof offers several benefits for your entertaining area. It provides protection from the weather, prolongs the lifespan of your appliances and cabinetry, and allows for an enhanced outdoor alfresco experience by letting you utilise the area comfortably in various climatic conditions. When designing your outdoor kitchen with The Outdoor Cook, our specialists can assist you in determining the optimal placement and layout tailored to your specific requirements and preferences.

What is the average cost of an outdoor kitchen?

The cost of an outdoor kitchen varies based on its size, the materials used, chosen appliances, and custom features. A Weber outdoor kitchen from The Outdoor Cook can be tailored to accommodate a variety of budgets, providing flexibility in design and product selection. Our team will collaborate with you to construct a custom outdoor kitchen that satisfies your requirements while adhering to your budget.

What is the cheapest way to build an outdoor kitchen?

While it might be appealing to seek the least expensive method to build an outdoor kitchen, it’s crucial to consider the longevity and durability of your investment. Choosing subpar materials and appliances may lead to increased maintenance and replacement costs in the future. Undertaking such a project by yourself is often a lengthy and complex process, leading to frustrations and delays. Instead, it’s better to invest from the onset in a superior outdoor kitchen, crafted for Australian conditions, with trusted brands like Weber and reputable retailers like The Outdoor Cook. We provide a variety of options to fit different budgets, ensuring you receive a top-quality, durable product that offers excellent value for your money. By choosing modular components and prioritising crucial features, you can construct a functional outdoor kitchen that fits your budget. As your requirements and budget grow, you can effortlessly expand and upgrade your outdoor kitchen with additional modules and appliances from the Weber range available at The Outdoor Cook.

Does an outdoor kitchen add value to your property?

Absolutely, an outdoor kitchen can considerably enhance your property’s value. Outdoor alfresco and entertaining areas are extremely sought-after, and a well-designed, practical outdoor kitchen, such as a Weber Outdoor Kitchen, can make your home more attractive to potential buyers. Besides increasing your property’s value, an outdoor kitchen also improves your quality of life and provides a splendid space for entertaining and enjoying the great outdoors. Designing an outdoor kitchen that complements your entertaining area with The Outdoor Cook is straightforward – so reach out to us today to commence your project!

How do I build a perfect outdoor kitchen?

Creating your dream outdoor kitchen starts with finding the right partner. The Outdoor Cook has the expertise to turn your vision into reality. Their knowledgeable team will collaborate with you on every design decision, from layout to appliances and finishes. Taking your cooking style, entertaining needs, and available space into account, The Outdoor Cook will craft a customized outdoor kitchen that perfectly suits your home. With their guidance, you can expect a beautiful and functional outdoor cooking space that becomes the heart of your outdoor living. The Outdoor Cook is dedicated to elevating your outdoor experience through thoughtful outdoor kitchen design. Partnering with their experts ensures your new outdoor kitchen will meet your needs for years to come.

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Embark on your journey towards the ultimate outdoor living experience with a Weber Kitchen from The Outdoor Cook. Reach out to us today to start designing a kitchen that will revolutionise your outdoor space and take your alfresco dining experience to a new level.

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