Weber Family Q Premium (Q3200 – Classic 2nd Gen) Gas Barbecue (LPG) – Black


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Weber Family Q3200 – A True Aussie Backyard Champion

When it comes to barbecue prowess, the Weber Family Q3200 stands out in the crowd. This model is an absolute winner, loved by many Australian households for its fast cooking, its ability to cater for large gatherings, and its exceptional economy. Whether you’re grilling for a casual family dinner or roasting for a big party, the Family Q3200 is the pick of the Qs.

  • Fast and efficient cooking performance
  • High capacity, ideal for large parties
  • Economical fuel consumption
  • Best-in-class roasting capabilities

The Weber Family Q3200 is not just a BBQ, it’s a game-changer for outdoor cooking. Its fast cooking feature means less waiting and more enjoying. It’s designed to cater for big parties, so whether you have a family gathering or a catch up with mates, everyone gets served at once. Despite its high capacity, it’s incredibly economical, conserving fuel without compromising on performance. And when it comes to roasting, it truly shines, delivering succulent, perfectly cooked meats every time.

With the Family Q3200, you’ll enjoy speed and efficiency like never before. Its high-powered burners are engineered for fast heating, significantly reducing your cooking time. The large cooking area, coupled with a high lid, gives you the flexibility to prepare a variety of dishes, from grilled veggies to large roasts. The economical design ensures fuel lasts longer, saving you costs in the long run. And, the roasting prowess of the Family Q3200 is second to none. The BBQ retains heat effectively, ensuring even cooking and incredible flavour.

Your purchase of the Weber Family Q3200 includes the BBQ unit, a detailed user manual, and the peace of mind that comes with Weber’s reputation for quality and durability.

In summary, the Weber Family Q3200 is a superior choice for those who value efficiency, capacity, economy, and flavour in their outdoor cooking. Its unique features, coupled with Weber’s trusted quality, make it a standout choice for any Australian backyard. Experience the difference today by clicking ‘Add to Cart’ now. Enjoy the speed, savour the flavour, and celebrate the moments with Weber Family Q3200.