Q® Roasting Pack


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Designed for Q2000N, Q2200N, Q2600N+, Q2800N+ (Pack contains 1 trivet and 2 convection trays)

The Q® Roasting Pack, a specially designed set that includes 1 trivet and 2 convection trays to fit your Q2000N, Q2200N, Q2600N+, Q2800N+ models perfectly. This pack is your ticket to broadening your BBQ horizons, enabling you to venture beyond traditional grilling into the realms of roasting and baking.


  1. Roasting Trivet: This indispensable accessory allows for indirect cooking, optimising heat circulation around your favourite roasts or baked goods. It sets the stage for even cooking, ensuring that every bite is as good as the last.
  2. Convection Trays: These disposable aluminium trays are designed to sit beneath your roasting trivet. As your meat roasts, fats and juices drip onto the trays, adding that sought-after smoky flavour. The clever design channels excess drippings away from the burners, reducing the chance of flare-ups and keeping your BBQ cleaner.

Ease of Use: The roasting trivet and convection trays are effortlessly easy to install. Once in place, they transform your Q into a versatile cooking machine, capable of producing everything from succulent roasts to mouthwatering baked treats.

Safety Tip: While these trays are perfect for a one-off roasting experience, it’s crucial not to reuse them for roasting meat more than once due to the risk of residual fats causing a fire. However, they can be reused safely for other cooking tasks like baking, pizza preparation, and dessert crafting.

Step up your BBQ game and enjoy a variety of delicious meals with this Q® Roasting Pack. Your culinary journey is just a roast away. Stay safe and relish your BBQ experience!