Lazy Susan 720mm


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Kwila Lazy Suzan – A Touch of Elegance in Outdoor Dining

Treat your alfresco dining experience to an upgrade with the Kwila Lazy Suzan. Crafted from durable Kwila timber, this outdoor accessory serves not just utility but also adds a touch of elegance to your garden table set-up.

  • Crafted from robust Kwila timber
  • Rotatable design for easy use
  • Weather-resistant for longevity
  • Sizeable diameter to hold multiple items
  • Enhances outdoor dining aesthetics

The Kwila Lazy Suzan is the ideal addition to your outdoor dining set. Built from robust Kwila timber, this piece is designed to withstand the elements, ensuring a long-lasting and durable accessory for your outdoor gatherings. Its rotatable design ensures convenience, allowing everyone at the table easy access to dishes and condiments. With a generous diameter, there’s plenty of room for all your dining essentials.

Each feature of this Lazy Suzan is thoughtfully designed. The Kwila timber not only lends a rich, warm aesthetic but also brings weather-resistant properties, offering longevity and durability. The rotatable design provides a practical solution for sharing dishes around a large table, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable dining experience. Its sizeable diameter is perfect for holding multiple items, from sauces and seasonings to small dishes and appetisers.

With your purchase of the Kwila Lazy Suzan, you will receive the beautifully constructed Kwila timber piece, ready to enhance your outdoor dining experience.

In conclusion, the Kwila Lazy Suzan is a superior choice for those looking to enhance their outdoor dining setup. Its durable construction, practical design, and aesthetic appeal make it an essential addition to any alfresco dining occasion. Don’t miss out on this elegant and convenient addition to your outdoor setting.