Baby Q® Convection Trays


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Designed for Q1000N & Q1200N (Pack of 10)

Unlock a world of culinary possibilities with the Baby Q® Convection Trays, specifically designed for use with Q1000N and Q1200N models. This pack of 10 disposable aluminium foil trays will help you get the most out of your Baby Q grill.

When paired with a roasting trivet* (sold separately), these trays enable your Baby Q to function in roast and bake modes. The aluminium foil efficiently conducts heat, ensuring even cooking and delicious results every time. As your food cooks, fats and juices fall onto the tray, contributing to the smoky, mouthwatering flavour that’s the hallmark of a great BBQ.

With their clever design, the trays channel away excess drippings from the burner, minimising the risk of flare-ups. This keeps your cooking environment safer and cleaner.

Safety Tip: It’s important not to reuse these trays for roasting meat more than once, as residual fats can create a fire hazard. However, you’re welcome to use them multiple times for safer applications like baking, pizza-making, or dessert crafting.

Get ready to expand your BBQ repertoire and make the most of your Baby Q experience with these convenient convection trays. Happy barbecuing!