Rinnai Inverter Multi – Slim Ducted


When your home requires heating and cooling in more than one room, or independent room control is needed, the Rinnai Multi split is the simplest way to heat or cool up to five individual rooms with only one outdoor unit.

Compact and space saving in design, the Rinnai Inverter Multi Slim Ducted indoor unit is ideal for tight spaces. Hidden away in a bulkhead or a ceiling cavity, with excellent acoustic characteristics, this ultra slim unit also has flexible installation configuration options.

The Multi Slim Ducted models do not have Wi-Fi capability, please see the “split system” model for more information on Wi-Fi for your Multi Split system.

Features and Performance

  • Sleek & non-obtrusive indoor unit
  • Indoor unit can be hidden in a bulk-head or ceiling
  • Non-obtrusive to your architectural designs
  • Quiet operation
  • Compact and slim
  • Non-obtrusive to your architectural designs
  • Great performance
  • Timer functionality
  • DC Inverter
  • 5 Year Warranty


Inverter Multi – Slim Ducted – Multi Split Inverter Brochure

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