Universal Double Sided Gas Fireplace

With a Jetmaster Universal Double-Sided open gas fireplace you can create an eye-catching feature, heat two rooms simultaneously, or create a freestanding feature with an exposed flue.

Whatever the application, a Jetmaster Universal Double-Sided gas fireplace provides generous radiant and convection heat.

Available in two sizes, 700 or 1050, the double-sided gas fire offers a wide range of design possibilities that can suit any room.

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  • Simultaneously heat two rooms
  • Design flexibility for either side
  • Radiant and convection heat exchange
  • Multiple media choices
  • Unconditional 15 year guarantee of the Jetmaster firebox


Double Sided Specs

Heating Capacity
Gas 40 Sqm

Firebox Sizing
A 850
B 800
C 610
D 700
E 220
F 345

Heating Capacity
Gas 40 Sqm

Firebox Sizing
A 1205
B 1150
C 600
D 680
E 233
F 455