Aranbe 220

The High Efficiency 220m2 Freestanding Convection Wood Fireplace

Achieve robust heating performance for areas up to 220m2 with this freestanding convection wood fireplace. Engineered for maximum efficiency and heat circulation, this wood heater provides outstanding warmth for living rooms, outdoor entertaining spaces, and open-concept homes.

Built with premium quality materials, this freestanding wood fireplace features a spacious firebox lined with durable firebricks and a large self-cleaning glass door for beautiful fire views. The deep ash bed improves retention and stainless steel baffle hangers enhance safety. Easy loading is enabled by the door with over 90-degree opening.

This high-efficiency wood heater delivers an exceptional 69% average combined efficiency. The clean-burning convection system produces minimal emissions of just 0.6g/kg to comply with clean air standards.

With its powerful heating capacity and eco-friendly operation, this 220m2 freestanding convection wood fireplace is the perfect sustainable centrepiece for any space. Contact us today to learn more and order your premium wood heating solution.

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  • Convection wood heater
  • Firebrick lined firebox
  • Self cleaning 5mm thick door glass
  • Deep ash bed for better ash retention
  • Stainless steel baffle hangers
  • Door opens over 90 degrees for easy loading
  • Designed to heat up to 220 sq meters
  • Combined efficiency of 69% average
  • Emissions particulate factor 0.6g/kg